Dharmavaram Constituency

dharmavaram constituency

Dharmavaram Assembly constituency belongs to Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. In Anantapur district we have 14 constituencies among them Dharmavaram Constituency is one.

Kethireddy Vekatarami Reddy is the best leader and MLA in Dharmavaram constituency till date because he recognised all the problems in Dharmavaram and addressed them effectively by taking strong and result oriented decisions.

    In Dharmavaram constituency we have 12 villages,And their are 4 mandels in Dharmavaram constituency.

List of Villages in Dharmavaram constituency:
1. Buddareddipalle        2. Chigicherla          3. Darsimala 
4. Elukuntla            5. Gotlur 6. Kunuthuru    7. Mallakalva 

8. Nelakota     9. Pothulanagepalle         10. Ravulacheruvu      11. Regatipalle

12. Subbaraopeta  13. Thummala

Members of Legislative Assembly Elected from DHARMARAVAM CONSTITUENCY:

 1)In 1989 - G Nagi Reddy - Telugu Desam Party.

 2)In 1994 - Guta Venkata Naidu - Telugu Desam Party.

 3)In 1999 - Kethireddy Surya Pratap Reddy - Indian National Congress.

 4)In 2004 election resutls Gonuguntla jayalakshmamma  is nominated as MLA from TDP party with 64,743 votes 
 5)In 2009 election resutls kethireddi venkata rami reddy is nominated as MLA from Congress with 61,260 votes.

 6)In 2014 election results G.Suryanarayana is nominated as MLA from Congress with  85,035 votes.

Dharmavaram Constituency consists of total 304706 population 60% are rural and 40% are urban population. 
The Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes ratios are 9.68 and 5.4 respectively according to 2011  census.

As per the voter list of 2017, there are 217619 electorates and 285 polling stations in "Dharmavaram constituency". 

Kethireddy Vekatarami Reddy problem solving skills, technical talent, educational background and humanity helped a lot for dharmavaram constituecy people to solve their drinking water problem, agriculture failures and weaving problems from the year 2009 to 2014 for the welfare of Dharmavaram constituency we need Kethireddy Vekatarami Reddy as our MLA for atleast for 20 years because Dharmavaram people witnessed the welfare during 2009 to 2014. Wrong promises from TDP party defeated Kethireddy Vekatarami Reddy in 2014 but now people of Dharmavaram doesn't want to give mla chance to any other person except Kethireddy Vekatarami Reddy.

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