Dharmavaram sarees

dharmavaram sarees

Dharmavaram sarees were world famous from last 150years. Dharmavaram handloom pattu sarees and paavadas are textiles woven by hand with mulberry silk and zari. They are made in Dharmavaram of Anantapur district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. There are 8,000 silk houses and three lakh looms. Saree cost ranges from 3000 to 10 lakh with normal price 6,000 rupees. There are many saree designs like kundans, chamkies, stones and also opposite colours. Depending on the saree design the cost will increase. We can find Dharmavaram sarees for any cost.

Saree making issues and those addresed by Kethireddy Venkatarami Reddy:-

1)Quality raw material availability assistance
2)Subsidy loans arrangement
3)Health card given to all saree weavers
4)Export facility arrangement and subsidies on export
5)Conducting saree exbitions
6)Reducing age limit for saree weavers to get pension

There are many other small small issues which were solved by Mr.Kethireddy for saree weavers so that Dharmavaram sarees will be world famous.

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