Dharmavaram Weavers

Dharmavaram weavers

Dharmavaram Weavers are located in Ananthapur district, which is one of the most popular district for weaving in entire Andra Pradesh state. Dharmavaram Weavers are the best Weavers in the entire state because, the main intention of this Weavers is to provide quality, attractive and desire weaves to the entire world.

Dharmavaram Weavers and their bonding with Kethireddy Venkatarami Reddy:-

Chenetha industry is a profitable industry for Dharmavaram people in 19th century but now these handloomers are facing lot of problems. Kethireddy the visionary leader established somany policies to overcome these problems. Kethireddy participated somany agitations performed by Dharmavaram weavers and solved few of the problems. Now Kethireddy is ready to give somany solutions in the fields of Raw materials, Quality of silk, Degumming of silk purification, Plying of Yarn, Dyeing and Drying etc. Kethireddy brought nice pension plan to the weavers to overcome their health issues. Kethireddy also taking few important steps to save the help of Dharmavaram weavers. Kethreddy's vision towards poor weavers from Dharmavaram made them to overcome simple and complex problems, that's why he is known as "Chenethala Ashajyothi".

Dharmavaram Weavers Costumes :

Initially, Dharmavaram Weavers are making natural Sarees for women secondly, they are providing natural dresses for men. Although, they are offering different kinds of handloom clusters, kurtis, salwar, scarves, stoles, looms, carpets, bed sheets, cutains, bags and cushion covers, etc. Dhamavaram Weavers weaves world most innovative, attractive and traditional textiles, otherhand they are designing variety of dress materials for Wedding, Festival, Party and devotional programs.

Firstly, Dharmavaram weavers started weaving in a state, designed for a country now they are delivering their costumes to the foreign contries like USA, Italy, and Denmark. We can buy Dharmavaram weaves through Online. Especially Dharmavaram Weavers are producing different kinds of South Indian traditions like silk sarees with pallu and double colour border, temples designs like elephant, peacock, lotus and lion. Apart from South Indian tradition, Weavers are designing of North Indian styles.

Dharmavaram Weavers made weavings with two colours, which are known as yellow and maroon, because they are the symbols of Hindu tradition. Now a days, Dharmavaram Weavers are making textiles with stones, chamki, kundan and using all colours. Weavers are offering low, moderate, and high cost textiles.

Types of Weavers in Dharmavaram :

Dharmavaram Weavers are two types.
They are 
1.Independent Weavers 
2.Labour Weavers.

1.Independent Weavers: They have their own instument of production and purchase all necessary raw materials with their own money,make the sarees and directly sell them to the silk merchants.They will get nearly five to ten percent profit with these weaves.

2.Labour Weavers: These Weavers have neither their own instument of production nor labour own but they depends on silk merchant. Dharmavaram Weavers and Independent Weavers will have contact with the Labour Weavers. These weavers have only salaries per month.These weavers worked under Independent Weavers.

The Silk is more famous than other textiles in Dharamavaram.
According to modern household survey we can observe this table.
                               Table : 1
Status of silk weavers in Dharmavaram region

Type of weaver           Town    Hinterland    Dharmavaram region

Master weaver              1            -                   1

Independent weaver    76         80                  77

Labour weaver             23         08                    18

Cooperative weaver     -            12                    04

From above table we can easily notice that Master weavers are equal in Town, Dharmavaram region and none in Hinterland. Similarly, Independent weavers are more in Hinetrland, less in Town and Dharmavaram. Like that, Labour weavers are more in Town, less in Hinterland also, Cooperative weavers are more in Hinterland and none in Town.

Similarly, according to latest household survey we can observe below table.
                              Table : 2
Income of silk weavers in Dharmavaram regionIncome range in RS    % of weavers in Dharmavaram   % of weavers in Hinterland   % of weavers in total region
below 1000                                      13            08            11
1001-2000           32            14         26
2001-3000           29            32         30
3001-4000                                        15            14            15
4001-5000           03            16          07
5001-10000         08           16           11

The above table shows that percentage of income level of weavers in Dharmavaram is high between 1001-2000 which is 32%, similarly percentage of wevers in Hinterland is high between 2001-3000 which is 32. Finally, total region income level is high between 2001-3000. 

The main advantage of Dharmavaram Weavers that they make high life span of textiles, quality materials and any cost.

The problems of Weavers are that they are located too far to city, no central government support to the weavers like pension, shelters, lack of sufficient cotton, Weavers migration from one place to another place and low wages.

In summary, Dharmavaram Weavings are world classical, most popular, and desired textiles.Thus, Dharmavarm Weavers are famoused with thier costums, have faith in public and world wide identity by thier weavings.

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