Kethireddy pressmeet about Polavaram

Polavaram is a multi purpose irrigation project which has been started by Dr YS Rajasekhar reddy.Polavaram project is going to solve water problems to 20lakh farmers in Andhrapradesh.Kethireddy,the leader of dharmavaram explained the history,importance and uses of polavaram to the people of Andhrapradesh in many meetings.Kethireddy also explained how polavaram save the wastely going river water and the same water was given to the farmers of Andhrapradesh farmers.Polavaram project was started and 80percent of the work was completed under the rule of YS Rajasekhar reddy but after his death the works of polavaram are not happening in a right speed.Kethireddy said that we need a great committment like YS Rajasekhar reddy to complete this great irrigation project.Kethireddy blames TDP Government that they are very much eager to earn commissions but they are not showing any interest to complete this project.Kethireddy providing necessary information to the people of Andhrapradesh about polavaram,so that they can elect a right person like YS Jaganmohan reddy not only to complete this project and also to solve many ongoing problems.We wish Mr kethireddy to succeede in every step taking towards the welfare of dharmavaram people.

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