Dharmavaram chenethala ashajyothi - Kethireddy

Dharmavaram is known for its handloom pattu sarees and paavadas.Chenetha industry is a profitable industry for dharmavaram people in 19th century but now these handloomers are facing lot of problems.Kethireddy the visionary leader established somany policies to overcome these problems.Kethireddy participated somany agitations performed by Dharmavaram weavers and solved few of the problems.Now Kethireddy is ready to give somany solutions in the fields of Raw materials,Quality of silk,Degumming of silk purification,Plying of Yarn,Dyeing and Drying etc.Kethireddy brought nice pension plan to the weavers to overcome their health issues.Kethireddy also taking few important steps to save the help of Dharmavaram weavers.Kethreddy's vision towards poor weavers from dharmavaram made them to overcome simple and complex problems, that's why he is known as "Chenethala Ashajyothi".

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